Monday, June 18


with father's day weekend behind us [hope all the papas out there had the fabulous day they deserve!] and fourth of july [where has june gone?] inching closer, i can't help but think about all the summertime activities i just adore. camping comes to mind, but it is hardly something i enjoy. the bugs, the nighttime creatures, the general messiness of it all can send me into a panic. i'm not really the rustic type. but, glamping - now that's a sport i can sign up for. glamorous camping for those that don't know - involving wine, four star tents, s'mores, and a lot of prettiness on a beach somewhere. let's just say if i had these goodies packed in my knapsack, i'd be willing to rough it for a long weekend. who's with me? 

1| futé design tent, 2| swanson red wine,  3| stereoluxe dock, 4| kissing stags sleeping bag, 5| good old fashioned hershey’s s’mores, 6| dwell studio portable grill, 7| gallant & jones sling chair, 8| travel scrabble deluxe, 9|dwell studio x pendleton throw, 10| hanging lantern

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