Tuesday, June 5

it's trendy

what a weekend.
first in photos...
 tailgating at the K
 nothing better than tailgating food
 great friends outside the stadium
love. him.
 go royals!
 fun crowd
lovely couple
 the oldest friends are the best friends
 the gang after the game
 party foul and small shorts
 dancing the night away
love these people, even when one purposely ruins pictures.
royals day two [a little tired this time around]
and now in words.
this weekend i felt nothing but blessed. blessed to be with a man that i simply cannot get enough of. blessed to be with friends that after nearly four years of not seeing each other, picked up right where we left off. blessed to be visiting a city with great people, great entertainment, and great venues. blessed to be so unequivocally happy for three days straight. 
the trip to kansas city was a reminder of all the good in my life. coupled with last weekend's visitors and next weekend's festivities, i might just be the luckiest girl that ever lived. 
thank you, peterson's, for everything - the laughs, the reassurance, the reminiscing, the late nights, the memories. cannot wait to do it all again soon! 
now i'm off on a full body cleanse before round three starts. #calorieslikewhoa

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  1. I've been waiting all weekend to read your recap! you SO deserved all of this happiness and an amazing weekend. you look wonderful!