Wednesday, June 6


it's june. 
where is time going?
it is unofficially, officially summer and i still haven't taken a deep breath of the thick, wet air to appreciate this new season. june as a working professional has been a tricky one for me. as a child of two teachers, june was the best month of the year. my whole family was home. days were spent at the pool. nights were spent at a ballpark. and everything in between was like a perpetual dream state of coming and going. 
this year, june will be nothing like yesteryear. june will be hectic. and hot. and filled with work. there will be a lot of coming and going, but not in the way that i remember. perhaps this transition is just another stop on the journey of growing up. but old june, i sure do miss you.
may your month be filled with a lot of sun and a little shade. 
happy summer y'all!

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