Wednesday, June 13

she's back

and with a vengeance. 
sorry for the nearly week long absence. but, i have a good excuse. 
it's called family. and a lot of it. since thursday, i have been having the time of my life with my fabulous fam. we did anything and everything under the memphis sun. it was so great to have them here, share my city with people i love, laugh until three in the morning, and just simply be. exhaustion has taken on a new definition, but every little sleepless night was worth it.
 we did a lot of sightseeing. 
 and ate a lot of food. 
half of us stayed in a condo downtown. it was so nice to all be in the same place, under a fancy roof, enjoying each other's company. one night we even stayed in and had a barbecue. perhaps my favorite night of all!
 and then we ate some more. 
one memphis barbecue joint even had a nebraska license plate on the wall! perfect!
 we shot toothpicks to the ceiling at huey's 
and drank patriotic bud heavy at graceland (not by choice).
 we had a little girl's night on main street (i would only go out sans makeup with these girls. thanks for loving me anyway!).
 and played cards with elvis at graceland.
 we rode the trolley.
 and enjoyed a surprisingly cold evening in my front yard.
thank you to all fourteen of you for making the long voyage south. the theme for the trip was crowded cars and lots of bars, but could have easily been best family ever. thanks for sharing in my little world down here and most of all, putting up with my high strung-ness throughout the whole thing. 
love you all to the moon and back. what great memories we now all share! 
miss you already.

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