Thursday, June 14

on judgment

this article stopped me dead in my tracks.
at some point in my life i tipped from the innocent, small town girl i was to the judgmental being i am today. mostly judging myself and sometimes evaluating others. to the point of being so paralyzed by the fear of being judged, that i was am scared to take any real risks. 
and it is all within my own power to change that pesky little voice from saying, "what is everyone else going to think of this?" to "this feels good. i might fail. but i tried. and dang it, i just don't care." 
there is a very slim chance that this supernatural shift will happen anytime soon, but how freeing will that day be? 
so, today - just one day - let's not judge. instead, let's love and accept and appreciate and understand each other's difference. after all, same is pretty lame.  

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