Thursday, August 9


like whoa.
sorry i have been in and out lately, but i am in a serious adjustment period. this new gig is testing me big time.

here's a day in the life right now.
4:45-5:00 alarm and subsequent moaning/groaning
5:30-5:45 out the door to begin my commute
6:45-7:00 arrive at work
5:00-5:30 begin my commute home
5:30-7:00 wait for C, have a snack, decompress, think about everything i need to get done
7:00-8:30 gym
9:00-9:45 make dinner/eat
9:45-10:15 watch olympics
10:30-11:00 fall asleep

i've never really been a wake-up-in-the-4s person. or 5s for that matter. so things have been a bit out of sorts. i am breaking out, i have bags under my eyes that could support my sister's traveling habit and i have been called crabby a time or two. but my body and mind will adjust eventually. you just might have to get used to no updates for awhile. sincere apologies.

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