Friday, August 10

farm livin'

last weekend, we went to my aunt and uncle's home in southeast nebraska for family, food, swimming, volleyball, crafting and a simply perfect time. 
we took a few minutes to see my cousin's house just a couple miles from my aunt and uncle. they bought an old farmhouse on a humongous acreage, stripped it down to the studs, poured a brand new basement, moved the house onto the new basement, built an attached garage and added a wraparound porch.  [#swoon #jealous #dream]
i was speechless. it is not at all done, but i could see her vision. and it will be fabulous.
so it got me thinking. 
while i claim to be a total city mouse, country mouse, i think i could really be happy on a little farm. 
there's something about the middle of nowhere.
and a big white house with a big red bard.
that would, of course, have to be ultra modern to satisfy my current obsessions.
yes. i think i could be very happy indeed.

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