Monday, August 20

just do it

have you ever known a person that you look at and think - "wow. they get it."
for me, that's my sister. she is currently in new york city for three weeks. after that she will go to fort lauderdale, florida to embark on a dream. [follow her little journey here.] last night she went to a yankees vs. red sox game. she crossed another item off her bucket list. she's just doing it. living life. going for it. not looking back. no what ifs. no questions. just living
isn't that admirable?
it is no secret that i am beyond proud of my little girl. but what you might not know is that i'm also jealous. of her zest for life. of her expectations for herself. of her ability to truly conquer her dreams. of her we-only-live-once attitude. of her unwavering need to make the world a better place. i envy it. i yearn for it. i watch her and i am so happy she has it. 
so, this week, let's live a little more like little tori. book that trip you've been meaning to book. change jobs. go back to school. start a new project. spend more time with your family. whatever it is that you want to do - do it. and i'll try to do the same.

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