Tuesday, August 21


last night C and i went to the mumford and sons show here in lincoln. 
we had been anticipating this night since the announcement and in a last minute turn of events, scored some sweet tickets.
the show was at the recently revived pinewood bowl. oh my gosh, you guys. talk about a venue. the pictures don't do the atmosphere justice. we had no idea this gem was in our backyard. 
 amazing venue.
we didn't feel like we were in lincoln. or nebraska.
 the weather could not have been better for an outdoor venue. 
 focus on the band
 let's get this party started.
 huge crowd
 our seats for the night. out of the gen pop.
not sure how we scored them, but it was perfect for a monday evening.
what a fabulous show. and venue. and evening.
thank you, mumford and sons, for a rockin night!

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  1. that looks fantastic! i few of my classmates went and said the venue and show were amazing!