Friday, September 14

california - day five

unfortunately, the week had to end somewhere. why not hollywood?
we had been trying to find "the sign" for days and had a few moments to squeeze in the sunshine before our flights home. 
the morning was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect vacation.
grauman's chinese theater
tiny, tiny feet
sid grauman
full circle
neverland to his star
"the sign"
end of vacation drinks
and a toast to a wonderful time
here's to a landscape that blew our minds,
a dusty red bridge that made us weak in the knees [figuratively and physically],
a little village nestled in the mountains that will now occupy our dreams,
winding roads and ocean views,
cali   for   nia and annoying pigeons,
cotton candy and pancakes,
the rose bowl and our huskers,
the best vacation companions, [thank you for everything, anne and dale! we would not have done this without you! what memories we have!]
a lot of laughter, 
and a new journal to document it all and many, many more.
cheers to california!

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