Thursday, September 13

california - day four

nebraska vs. ucla
so we all know how this turned out.
not exactly how we had planned.
but, you know what? it was only depressing for about three hours [perhaps longer for the men - i think the anger is still lingering for C]. then we remembered that we were in california, had an entire extra day to enjoy the sunshine, and that the vacation could not have gone better up until that point.
drink beer
not water
an apparent theme for the week
husker red filled our first stop
there may have been go big red chants during the drinking
a quick tailgate before heading into the rose bowl
we were blissfully unaware of our fate and wonderfully happy at this point
it was so surreal to be at the rose bowl.
i have grown up watching games taking place at this venue.
it holds so much history and prestige. 
a definite site to see.
more blissfully unaware photos
t-magic also happily unaware.
i felt so bad for him.
we sat near the athlete's families and it appeared as though he had quite the entourage. 
personally i don't think the L is his fault at all. feel free to contact me if you are interested in who i do blame. hint: starts with a b and ends with an o.
love ameer
hate fumbles
cute husker babe in the stands
fake smiles, but necessary picture inside the rose bowl
we still love you huskers.
even though you did put a big cloud over day four.

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