Monday, September 10

california - day one

the pacific coast highway
well, we made it back. we arrived in nebraska at about 1:00 am this morning and really haven't stopped thinking about how wonderful our california adventure was since stepping foot on the good life soil.
the vacation started with a midnight arrival at lax. but before that, C enjoyed a brew named surly bender in minneapolis. he said it was too nutty and dark. oh the irony.
early wednesday morning we set off on our little adventure. 
with the schedule and california playlist in hand, we were headed north.
 we spotted some surfers along the way.
and then stopped in a tiny, little beach town for lunch by the ocean. 
 we had nachos (with amazeballs avocado), fish tacos and calamari.
this was our lunch view.
 after lunch we headed out to the pier
and walked around the little village
 and breathed in the salty ocean air
before getting back on the road, C insisted that we put the husker sticker on our rental car. 
he is cute.
 we took our time going up the coast - stopping whenever our hearts desired.
 and one such time, we came across the most peculiar site.
a herd of wild zebras were having lunch on the hillside.
i had read about the potential to see these animals, but didn't think we would actually get so lucky.
 again to our surprise, we found another group of wild animals about fifteen miles up the coast.
this time we were able to wander in the greatness of the elephant seal.
these animals were so humongous. it was definitely a site to see.
 back on the road with breathtaking views and tight curves.
 at one stop, we realized that there was a hidden road that led us down to the water. 
we spent almost thirty minutes here just listening to the crashing waves and smelling the salty air.
 since we loved the area so much, we found a rock and left our mark.
by this time, the gas was running dangerously low.
so we stopped in the big sur at the most charming gas station i ever did see.
which is perhaps why gas was $5.99 per gallon. gasp.
 the finale of the pacific coast highway was the breathtaking views just over the bristol bridge. 
this is one of those things we just won't forget.
 and then it was back on the road to san francisco.
C and i both agreed that our little drive up the coast was one of the most humbling experiences of our existence. it made us happy to be alive. and have the opportunity to witness such beauty. 
check in tomorrow for scenes from san francisco.

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