Tuesday, September 11

california - day two

san francisco
we got into san fran late wednesday night. after checking into a gorge hotel on fisherman's wharf and getting a quick rest, we were up early on thursday to tackle another day.
our first stop was obviously the golden gate bridge. 
it was a lot less red than i imagined, but cool all the same. 
we didn't quite have time to tour alcatraz, but the view from the bay was eery enough.
this is definitely a must see for me and C one day.
once we crossed the golden gate bridge, we were welcomed into another seaside village for brunch.
enter saulsalito. 
 boy did this town charm our socks right off.
 we landed at the bridgeway cafe for brunch.
it was equally cute and comfortable.
 not to mention the food.
and the view was pretty dominant too!
after brunch, we tooled around town.
we found a little art gallery with the most amazing vintage photos.
below are two of our favorites - prohibition and ali.
 then it was back over the bridge to the city.
 our first stop in san francisco was haight-ashbury.
 this little nook of the city is so wonderfully bizarre.
the hippy vibe is definitely still alive.
and the vintage finds are out of this world!
 next was chinatown.
we happily took pictures from the car.
 a child of the 90s can't be in san francisco without stopping at the full house "house." 
it was a lot smaller than they portrayed on tv. nevertheless, i was kinda in heaven. 
oh to be a tanner.
after a packed morning/afternoon, we snuck out of the city and got back on the road.
when we spotted an in-n-out burger (california fast food) on the 101, we just had to stop for a late lunch.
 C got a double-double and i got a cheeseburger.
we were a little too shy to order off the the "secret menu."
i drove the next stretch to santa barbara.
more gorgeous views, great playlists and stimulating conversation.
thank you, san francisco, for a fabulous time! we will be back!
check in tomorrow for the day three report.

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