Monday, October 29


that's a wrap.
and i think we can call it a success.
on saturday, we hosted a birthday party for C. 
it was held at the grand manse in lincoln. there was a lot of red, a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, and a lot of being thirty greatness. 
 C's family.
so glad everyone could come to celebrate!
 two of C's best friends came to nebraska from missouri.
they were and are so fabulous.
C definitely hit the friend jackpot.
 we even got a mizzou fan to wear GBR.
thanks to t-magic and co. for pulling off a huge win.
it made the night that much better. 
 the johnson boys.
old friends. new friends. great friends.
everyone that C loves was in one room to celebrate him
he is so lucky to have each of these people in his life. he really does have the best friends and family.
thank you to everyone that made the night so special. 
thank you, bretters and justin, for traveling all that way.
thank you, ramsi, lauren, and brooke, for all of your help. we could not have pulled it off without you.
thank you, C's family, for your love and calming my nerves throughout the night. 
thank you, C, for blessing us all with thirty years of laughter. we love you!

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