Wednesday, October 31

happy halloween

happy halloween y'all!
did you find time to carve pumpkins this year?
with the birthday bash, we barely got to squeeze in a little carve party on monday night.
 C and i were bragging about our jack-o-lantern skills the whole week.
 we rounded up all the supplies.
and dug into some pumpkin guts.
then things got ugly.
my pumpkin was terribly rotten. every cut i made sunk in the surrounding inch and a half. there might have been some tears. which are probably not justifiable, but i put a lot of pressure on myself for these kinds of things. 
the results:
his is obviously the top. all i could make were two big holes. i tried to get creative and make a creepy rat climbing out of one. 
i get it.
his is better.
the rat doesn't even make sense. 
pumpkin carving 2012 goes to C. let's not ever bring it up again.
have a spooky and safe halloween!

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