Thursday, November 1


forgive me while i take a quick departure from parties and pumpkins to problems and prayers.
i received word on monday morning that the brother of one of my favorite st. jude patients was rushed to the hospital with seizures. my patient passed away a year ago, october 9. he was eighteen. his brother is seventeen. yesterday he had surgery to remove a tumor on his brain. just as his brother did. 
they come from the most amazing family. a family that treated me like family. a family that reminded me so much of my own. a family consumed with love. 
and now they face this tragedy called childhood cancer. again. 
it doesn't make sense.
i have a hard time wrapping my head around this reality. 
i think about my problems and welcome them. begging for more of these little problems. 
i feel so blessed for health. and the health of everyone i love. 
i'm praying.
and begging you, as prayer warriors, to join me. 
please pray for the compassionate and loving people at st. jude. who will once again wrap their arms around this family.
please pray for the brumfields. for peace. and understanding. and support. and grace. and please God, a cure.

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