Monday, October 22

my better half

a letter to C
dear C,
today you turn thirty. and for nine of those thirty years, you have been my best friend. i wish there were words that could adequately describe the joy that you bring to my life. 
you are my rock. 
when my tire goes flat and three days later i make your tire go flat, you smile. you change the tire. and you comfort me. you have that way about you, C. you go with the flow. you bring a sense of calm to this earth. you are a comfort in just being. 
you are my comedian.
oh the laughter. it is constant, isn't it? you know how to lighten a mood and make my soul chuckle. that is one of your biggest strengths, C. and those cute, face framing dimples aren't too bad either.
you are my adventurer. 
not once have you scoffed at an idea. or a bizarre suggestion. or an opportunity to do something different. i guess that is why we sustained this thing over the miles for so long. because we take chances. you want to see and do everything in this life. and, C. i hope i can come along for the ride for a very long time. 
you are my cheerleader.
you make me feel beautiful. and smart. and lovable. and even on my worst days, i know that you are one of my biggest fans. your optimism is what makes you such a great companion. and teacher. and physical therapist.  
you are my family. 
and you know what my family means to me - everything. but not only that. you are an incredible son. and brother. and uncle. and friend. you care. and you would walk to the ends of the earth for the people you love. 
happy birthday, my love.
i am so happy to spend your thirtieth in the same zip code. 
here is to many, many more. 
cheers to health and hope, laughter and light. 

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