Wednesday, October 17

tape transfer

omg, you guys.
you're gonna want to try this.
it is magical and just might change your life.
it kinda did mine.
i am planning a little birthday bash for C in a couple of weeks. my genius momma found this tutorial, tried it, and urged me to try it as well. mind. blown. 
here's what happened. 
 collect fun glassware and containers to be labeled. 
 print labels with fabulous fonts on a laser printer.
 collect your supplies: 
a bowl of water, scissors, packing tape, glassware and printed material.
 cover the type in tape.
 ensure that the tape is firmly adhered.
 cut out the label.
 place it in water.
 peel off the paper on the back and watch the magic unfold. 
 what you have left are clear labels in virtually any font and design you can think of. 
my momma said it works with photos as well.
is your mind spinning with ideas?
yeah. me too. 

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