Tuesday, November 27

man cave

rental renovations
combining two established homes comes with some resistance to design direction. i have admittedly taken control of nearly the whole home, but left the basement up to C. a man cave he wants, a man cave he gets. 
luckily, C had an awesome collection of photos and trinkets just waiting to displayed. after a long afternoon of measuring and leveling, we had a massive  gallery wall spanning the entire length of the basement. added to a bar in the corner, C rarely leaves his hibernation heaven.
 C collects beer bottle caps from some of his favorite lagers. i glued them to a shadow box insert for some 3D interest. 
 my grandma had an old trumpet stuffed away to collect dust. 
why not nail it to the wall for a conversation piece? 
 the red key is C's favorite indianapolis bar.
apparently, these rules are followed without question.
no neon beer signs, husker couches, or liquor memorabilia here. 
this is a man cave i can live with. and enjoy every once in awhile too.

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