Wednesday, November 28

woodland creatures

remember when i said that C didn't appreciate all of my design decisions?
this disagreement is largely due to the amount of animals popping up around our abode. 
i don't know what it is about ceramic creatures (perhaps sherry has rubbed off on me?), but i think they add a whimsical element to the home that can't be achieved any other way. 
i digress. 
as the seasons change, the animals had to prepare for the holidays as well. 
 obsessed with these anthropologie hedgehog measuring cups. 
and i love them even more when they carry a vintage ornament on their back.
 piglet as rudolph
the sparkly deer family survived the move. they have a little less luster, but i love them all the same. 
is C right? have i gone insane?
or are bizarre animals scattered around the house on trend? 
*update: several people have questioned the anthropolgie gazelle. so maybe C was right about that one. would it help if i sprayed him all white? these babies are incredibly trendy right now. i promise. pinterest says so.

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