Friday, November 9

new gig

have you noticed a trend around here?
monday - tuesday - wednesday posts. and then a sudden disappearance into the weekend?
let me explain. 
i recently took on a new gig. a big gig. a gig that is seriously testing my confidence. 
a certain college has a certain new pediatrics professor. yours truly is inspiring the youth of tomorrow, preparing people to become practitioners, igniting a passion for working with children. barely keeping her head above water. 
i'm trying really hard to maintain it all - a full time job. this blog. a four credit hour course. relationships. a new house. exercise. phew. i am honored and humbled and still pinching myself for this opportunity, but i am also feeling a lot of pressure.
so, if you don't see anything on here at the end of the week, it simply means i am cramming for school. except this time, i'm the teacher. whoa.
happy weekend! go bulldogs!

1 comment:

  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting and you'll be great!