Tuesday, November 13

game day goodies

with college football tailgating season in full swing, i want to share a southern take on a game day goodie.
i am an absolute sucker for party food. dips. chips. one bite wonders. yum. 
a classic around here is the meat, cheese and cracker platter. in memphis, they enjoy the same favorite trio, but they serve their sausage grilled. C and i got this as an appetizer nearly every time we went out in the bluff city. it's amazing what a little heat can do to enhance the flavor of this otherwise simple combination.
and because nothing goes without a little barbecue in memphis, serve it up with a side of sauce to truly get a taste of the south. 
the home of the blues will always have a home in my heart. 
and on my game day menu.
congratulations to the state volleyball champion, humphrey bulldogs!
and especially my momma and pops.
they devote unwavering time and effort to everything they do.
y'all deserve this - again!

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