Monday, December 17

a johnson christmas

tis the season!
yesterday we attended the first of many christmas celebrations. 
cousin brad graciously invited fifty-five johnsons to his home for food, gifts, and laughter. 
this was my second time with the johnson clan. and, dare i say, it was as wonderful as the first. 
i said it in august, but it's worth repeating:
i am so blessed. C is so blessed. we both come from an unusual love (on all sides of our family) that is often lost in this world of sorrow. in the wake of the connecticut tragedy, we are reminded just how lucky we are to be surrounded by fifty-five people that we love. and love us. fifty-five people that are kind, giving, and good in every sense of the word.
there were a ton of gifts.
i scored the perfect appetizer platter. 
thank you, holly! i will use it for many years to come!
 the original johnson kids
 the third generation of johnson kiddos
an afternoon of life's blessings
it was so nice to be a part of this day. 
thank you brad and the gang for hosting a wonderful christmas. 
may you all have special people in your life to remind you of the infinite good in this world. indeed, it is out there. among the hate, there is good. and yesterday, that good was gathered in hickman, nebraska.
tis the season.

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