Wednesday, December 19

ventures in dreaming

they say i'm a dreamer.
but, a couple weeks ago, i found out i'm not the only one.
a special woman came back into my life and has subsequently turned my world upside down. in the best way.
and so our story begins.
growing up in a small town will make a person both love and hate urban [note: lincoln is not urban] living. the conveniences are abundant. the movement and pace are exhilarating. but community is sometimes lost. 

when amber and i reconnected one sunday afternoon, two kindred spirits were aligned. we had both noted it in our constant repinning of each other's treasures. but the universe needed us to see more in each other than midcentury homes, scandinavian simplicity, and children dressed as adults [although we still manage to squeal about said pinterest beauties nonstop]. what resulted was a spark of inspiration. of dreams. of adventure. 

we were both craving a progressive community of women to share our creative flow and our support of the feminine soul. a new group emerged. 

we will begin this movement by hosting monthly parties with themes that we think women will appreciate. we want this to be a forum of support and encouragement. no judgment. no pressure. no stress. just love. come as you are, leave as you will. 

flower arranging class | love letters | etiquette and party preparation | urban gardens and growing schedules | motherhood in the millineum | canning and organic cooking | positive politics | back to school philanthropy | beauty and aging | soup swaps | styling | photography | gift wrapping 101

we are excited. 
so in love with this idea of the progressive woman. 

if it sounds like something you are interested in being a part of, comment on this post. or shoot me an email. our first gathering will be the second weekend of january. formal invitations will be sent soon. 

thank you for allowing us to dream. we hope you will come along for the ride.


  1. Hi Ashley!

    Congrats on the new venture! Are your gatherings going to be taking place in Lincoln (I'm assuming?) I have a sister-in-law in school there that might be interested, although I wouldn't mind some info too... It's not too terribly far of a trip!


  2. Ashley,

    I LOVE this idea and your blog. You are truly a phenomenal woman. Please let me know how your initiative goes because I'd love to start something like this in Chicago. Happy Holidays!

    Take care,