Monday, December 3


happy december, y'all!
here's what we did on day one.
i'm a planner. we know it. we sort of hate it. but we deal with it. 
C is also a planner. but can appreciate spontaneity. and even suggest a tour of the unbeaten path every once in a while. gasp.
on saturday morning, i woke up with a plan. a minute by minute roadmap to get everything accomplished. 
but the sun was shining. things were moving slowly. and when C suggested french toast and tea instead of cleaning and packing, i agreed. 
what followed was a peaceful, unplanned, perfect hour and a half. 
we ate breakfast calmly.
 and put bing crosby on the record player.
 C proposed a game of stratego. 
 i was winning for a hot minute.
 and then fell in defeat, as usual. 
this is why C is so good for me. he challenges me to take a deep breath. to enjoy the moments without a schedule. to laugh and not think and not worry. we compliment each other. and on rare mornings like this, we relish in the moment of finally being together. in the same place. yes, we still got the gym on time. yes, everything was packed. and semi-clean. yes, we made it to our destination for the night. all was well. and my heart was happy.

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