Tuesday, December 4

nine and forever

anyone that knows us, knows that C and i have been together for what seems like forever. for those of us counting, it has been nine years and three months. but who is counting? 
i was seventeen. C was twenty. it was 2003. we were babies. 
he came to my door at 8:00. we both remember what we were wearing. we both hate to think about that painful thirty minute drive with my shy self. but, apparently, it felt right. it was right. it's still right.
when C and i were back in oakland, we were thumbing through his childhood room. reminiscing and laughing. 
then we stumbled upon some old movie stubs. and found one from august 15, 2003. our first date. 
SWAT was the flick. nine years later we still make decisions using the number game. C said it was between SWAT and open range. he secretly wanted open range. i chose number two. gunshots and drugs it was. 
the ticket found a special [and safe] place on the credenza. a reminder of where we came from and where we are going. nine years and forever.

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  1. Girl!!! You know I just TEARED up at that post!? (for serious...no joke, I did!) So sweet!! Can we PLEASE meet up for lunch soon!