Friday, January 4


i am a big believer in resolutions and creating goals for yourself. it's always been a part of me. my parents urged me to write goals as i was growing up and therefore, i still appreciate setting the bar high.
i know some folks feel like resolutions are simply a set up to fail. but i see them as an opportunity to evaluate what needs to improve and instill hope for the next year. 
therefore, C and i held a brainstorm of what we wanted to do in 2013. 
[basically it is going to be the best year ever.] 
we came up with five goals. printed 'em. posted 'em. living 'em. 
 we placed them on the bedroom credenza so that we had the opportunity to see our little dreams every day.
in 2013 we want to:
1. save some money.
2. move and all the stuff that comes with it.
3. buy a house.
4. tie the knot!
5. discover new lands.
 we also made our own personal resolutions and posted them. 
this year, i resolve to:
1. simplify.
2. stop complaining.
3. stop drinking soda.
4. lose some weight.
5. appreciate the present
how are you improving this new year?
do you believe in resolutions? goal setting?
do tell, loves.
happy first weekend of 2013!

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