Tuesday, January 8


remember when i wrote about a new venture i was pursuing?
things have spiraled since that day. in the best possible way.
on sunday, we held the first of many athena collective meetings. 
it was more than i could have dreamed. there was stimulating conversation. generosity. positivity. collaboration. creativity. inspiration. darn good food. a lot of laughter. and a pulsating love. 
i'll be over at athena a couple times this week with recaps on invitations, menus, design concepts, and flower arranging [also read more about why we chose athena collective as our name. our mission. our vision. and who we are!]. go check it out. and comment with suggestions, ideas, criticism, love. we need it. and welcome it. 
meanwhile, dear readers, thanks for your patience with me here. i'm juggling a lot right now - a job with a commute, teaching two graduate courses, maintaing two blogs, gushing over endless athena inspiration, planning for the future, loving my man, being present for my family. all wonderful and perfect and dreamy responsibilities. just busy. 
i'll be sure to share when something is worth it. i have a feeling you don't want to hear about syllabus design and powerpoint madness. but if you do, let me know. because there's gonna be a lot of that going on this week. positive thoughts appreciated. xo

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