Tuesday, February 5

eastern escape

for the first time as an alumni, i attended a creighton basketball game. 
there were no student section shenanigans. no spilled beers. no "hey! go jays!" chants. but it was so fun to have my bradley braves boy by my side this time around. 
we made a day of it - essentially to get out of lincoln for as long as possible.
 we had some drinks and dined
 and watched the boys become victorious
 i got bored and started snapping pictures during the game
this is C's "seriously, you look fine. take 42 is not any better than take 1. there's a game on in the background." face.
 then we enjoyed some more drinks during the husker loss moral victory.
it felt so good to get out of the capital city. even if it was just sixty miles east. 

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