Monday, February 11


this weekend was insane.
in the best way possible. 
friday night started with some intense athena prep and a lot of good girl gab. 
on saturday, C and i got to spend some quality time together - a luxury with our schedules. we talked about our future. and our love. it was a mushy gushy kind of wonderful.
with athena happening all day sunday, C took my absence as an opportunity to eat like a man.
he bought toaster strudels, tombstone pizza, and mountain dew. 
when the cat's away....
saturday afternoon was packed with more athena prep, so C kidnapped me to the nebrasketball game for some needed evening downtime. 
 so, perhaps we can have a little fun in the capitol city. who knew?
then came sunday. another athena activity. more athena love. a lot of athena encouragement. 
i'll be over there a lot in the next couple of weeks, so be sure check in. as always, it was so fulfilling. so heartwarming. so to-the-core good. 

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