Tuesday, April 16

celebrating with the celtics

*our thoughts and prayers are traveling back across the country today. we were literally just walking by the finish line on friday. we paused for a long moment to look at the library and take in the hustle and bustle of marathon preparation. our hearts are with all those who are affected by this tragedy. and thinking of the people we love - the perez family and youth villages gang - in beantown. xo

after the whirlwind afternoon, we quickly danced back to the hotel and got ready for the celtics game. a big deciding factor for boston in april was the trifecta of events taking place. basketball followed by bruins followed by the red sox. turns out we made it to one of the three [bruins were overruled by cape cod and dinner reservations and the red sox got rained out. bummer.].  
as many of you know, C is a huge Cs fan. furthermore, i have photos at about six months of age in head to toe celtics gear. it kinda runs in our blood. to celebrate our engagement with KG and paulie was a bucket list dream. 
 for all the kim k. fans out there. [admit it. you love the kardashian empire.]
he is just as disgusting in person as he was on the show.
 well hello little dreamboats. how we wish rajon was among you.
what a fun night to end an incredible day! we both admitted that we didn't pay as much attention to the game as we would have liked. the bling admiration, giggles, replying to congratulation texts and just general happiness got in the way of caring if the C's won [which they did not.]. i think that means we will have to make a return voyage to the garden soon. here's hoping.

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