Wednesday, April 17

the cape

[warning: a million photos to follow]
on thursday, we rented a car and drove up the cape. one of our new year's resolutions was to visit five new places. since we have been to boston before, we couldn't waste a vacation without discovering something new. the cape it was. and whoa, did we fall in love.
much to our surprise, plymouth rock was en route to our final destination. so we stopped to see where our founding fathers landed.
the apparent rock on which the pilgrims landed. there is some conspiracy surrounding this. who knew. still pretty fun to see.
a decent place to call home for the pilgrims. oh but it was december and right behind this is some overwhelming terrain. good job guys. i'm proud of you for sticking it out.
after plymouth, we made our way to hyannis port. [all i could think about were the kennedy's.] april 11 is considered the off season so restaurants were slim pickins. in some ways it was nice to have the place to ourselves, but it would have been nice to have a choice in food. thankfully, the black cat provided without any regret.
 our view
 the best clam chowder of the weekend. and there was a lot of it.
 lobster quesadillas. 
 he is real cute. and my fiance! 
after we had lunch in hyannis, we continued up the coast, stopping whenever it felt right.
 so new england. so cape cod.
 another warning: ring photo below. 
couldn't help myself!
 when can i move in?
we got back into the car [with some souvenir seashells] and continued to make our way north.
we decided to keep going until we hit provincetown - the very end of cape cod - and is partially the reason for missing the bruins game. but, it was so worth it. among our favorite stops on the trip.
 we were, again, the only people in sight. just me, my love, and this view.
as we headed back down the cape, we drove by this. obviously C loved it. i appreciated the use of pallets. put that baby on pinterest! ha.
upon returning to boston, we got ready for dinner reservations at legal sea foods. C and i made it a priority to have a nice dinner while in beantown. delish and just what the doctor ordered!
 have a mentioned he is cute (the boy, not the lobster)? and my fiance? yay!
we ended the night with a return trip to union oyster house and a stroll through quincy market.
thank you, cape cod, for a fabulous thursday. you were a dream!

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