Friday, June 7

texas y'all

well hello there.
it's me again. i really hope one of these days i can start a post without an apology.
it's like i have everything to share and nothing to talk about. big things are happening, but for fear of jinxing it all, we have to wait for the reveal.
wedding plans are coming along. we have some important meetings this weekend and then should be able to share the plans - vision boards, the route we have chosen and why, save the dates, the whole shebang. i promise things around this piece of the internet will get interesting. and very soon.
in the meantime, i'll share when it's worth the read.

last thursday through wednesday, we made a return voyage to texas. it was high time to reunite with old friends, pick a few brains, and simply soak in the austin love. 
traveling with jane was a new experience. the twelve hour drive took fourteen. but she did so well. we are beyond proud of our baby girl.
 we passed through moore, oklahoma. the devastation was astonishing. 
we finally arrived in atx at about 9:30 on thursday night. we hotwired a fabulous hotel downtown, smuggled our dog in a duffle bag, and did not sleep a wink in fear that she would bark. #puppyproblems 

the next morning we explored some old haunts.
first up - maria's taco express.
maria's was one of the first places we discovered together when C lived in austin. its wildly hippie vibe is inspiring and the food is darn good. and when "maria" welcomes you with open arms, what's not to love?
janey bea loves maria's as much as her mama. 
if you are ever in austin, we highly suggest a scoot to our favorite taco express. the atmosphere will not disappoint and your mouth will be watering as you edit photos a week later. it's that good. 
stay tuned for an avett show, rainey street, and more texas love.
have a beautiful weekend, y'all! xo

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