Monday, June 10

texas y'all - avetts

our plans for austin really set into motion when we discovered the avett brothers would be playing at the new amphitheater friday night. i've talked about these guys before, but it is worth another mention. our love for them does not stop at the music. while they are wildly talented, it's the story behind their art that feeds our obsession. 
 grace potter took the stage as we arrived. whoa. there's some talent right there. new fan.
 then the avetts made their appearance. 
and they put on a darn good show.
i hold such a special place in my soul for these artists. one in particular. we navigated a fragile and raw time together. it feels so good to support him from afar - a quiet spectator with a wrenching heart. 
looking forward to the CB show in july! thanks for a rockin night in atx.

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