Tuesday, June 11

texas y'all - rainey street

reason number 982934001 we love austin: rainey street.
on sunday afternoon, michael and jennifer showed us a new part of town that has developed since C's departure. a group of contractors bought a neighborhood of homes near downtown and renovated them into restaurants and bars. imagine walking up and down a lovely neighborhood street, navigating bars and live music. so good.
 beer garden and boulevard, tank 7. what more do you want?
 this was my favorite stop. the "house" was wonderfully modern with beautiful lines, midcentury madness, sangria, a patio, and a rockin live band. my kind of heaven.
 i wish this scene could just come to life. it was perfection.
 the sun, sangria, and a sleepy janey bea. 
life is real good.
 we ventured to about six different "homes." each of them possessed their own unique personality and soul. 
 rainey street family photo.
seriously, guys. if you are in austin, you gotta go. even if you're not into the live music, sunday afternoon cocktail scene. i know we will be making a rainey return every time we visit. 
thanks to michael and jen for exposing us to this texas gem!

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