Thursday, June 27


a letter to me.
twenty-seven. a golden birthday, they say. quickly on your way to three-oh. how can it possibly be? that life continues to move forward at what must be classified as record speed and yet, 26 seemed so long ago.
last year was big. huge. beyond measure, really. as you predicted, twenty-six "rocked." was it all that you expected? hardly. but there were new blessings and unequivocal joy every single day. a year ago, you were still in memphis. your tiny apartment was congested with boxes. your colleagues threw you a party. desk decorated. surprise potluck. you know, the whole shebang. and you sucked back those tears. you knew by turning the page to a new chapter just two short weeks later, it would change everything. and it did.
you are now a year older, a year wiser, a year tougher, a year kinder. your skin is thick, your heart is soft (anatomy changed courtesy of graduate students and too much on your plate). your left hand is a little heavier and your soul a little happier. you are blessed with a family made of dreams. and twenty-seven will officially give you another. you have friends - new, old, and newly reacquainted. you have the most wonderful companion. you are building a family (hi janey bea!) and a life. you are committing to your dreams in so many ways. at twenty-six you gathered the shovel and watering can, at twenty-seven you will finally plant roots. 
and as the next year unfolds, my hopes for you are the same as they were 365 days ago. may you feel fulfilled. and content. and happy with where you are at any given time. stop looking to the future for answers. trust the questions of the moment. stop. and be. because when you do, you will feel at total peace. and isn't that what you've been wanting all along?

here's to hurt, happiness, hope and health. 
cheers to a life of giving, gratitude and great love.

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