Sunday, July 7

engineer prints

i have had a lot of people ask how we created mark's enlarged graduation prints, so i thought i would give a quick tutorial. here's how it happened.
first figure out if you have a staples near you. as far as i know, this is the only shop that does prints at such a low price. next, find photos [or whatever document you want to enlarge] that you can convert to black and white as it is the only color option you will have.
as you are changing the colors of your photos, you can save them either as a PDF or JPEG. i saved the photos as JPEGs and the menu Word documents as PDFs. both worked wonderfully. 
next go to the staples website and search engineer prints. or simply click here. you will then want to choose the size that best fits your project. i typically choose 24x36, however, when i am designing the image, i stretch it to fit within the image borders and it turns out to be a custom size. 
once you choose your size, you will see this screen.
click on the add files icon and upload the photo or document you want to enlarge. you will then see this screen.
since my image was not filling the paper and the orientation was set on landscape, i needed to makes changes in the icons on the left. to make the image fit the paper, i clicked "media" and then checked the "fit content to paper" box. i also clicked on the orientation icon and switched it to portrait. this is what i ended up with.
finally, i simply gave it a job name and added it to cart.* you can choose to have it sent directly to your home [if you do not live near a staples] or pick it up for free. for $1.79, it makes a huge impact with very little stress and cost. i have had other people say they would like to enlarge their favorite song lyrics [brilliant idea, mel! sorry i couldn't write this all in a text - but i hope it helps! and i am totally stealing your great idea.], quote, etc. the sky is the limit and it truly will not hurt your pocketbook at all. 

*while i am not actually enlarging and printing this photobooth image to 24x36, i think it is dang cute and it makes my heart pitter patter with love. i can't get enough of those two.

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