Tuesday, July 9

friend jackpot

while life has been absolutely insane this summer, we have managed to sneak away for some long weekend road trips. 
i know i have said it before, but C hit the jackpot when it comes to friends. at all stages of his life, he has developed relationships with the best people. i am in constant awe of his luck and so happy to be able to call these guys and their girls some of my good friends as well.
in june, we drove to kansas city for the annual royals game getaway. and while i don't have many photos as proof, we just adored our time with brooke and clinton. so much that we have officially confirmed - no matter what life circumstances get in the way [pregnant in 110 degree heat, four kids, old age, busy lives] - we are making the trip every year. love those two!
this past weekend we traveled to columbia, missouri to catch up with justin and lauren, break in J's fabulous new patio, and relax. talk about the most kind and genuine people on the planet. it felt like home, like family. and it was so good.
 we barbecued, laughed, and went to this darling winery on the mighty mo. 
 let's all just die at this midcentury a-frame for a second. 
thanks brooke and clint, justin and lauren for the best weekends! 
we adore you and feel so lucky to call you friends. xo
*not that it is going to surprise anyone at all, but it will be quiet here again next week. my family is traveling to florida to see my sissy! we can't wait! i anticipate i'll have lots of photos upon my return. and then guys, things are gonna get really big around these parts. big news on monday. it's kinda gonna change everything for us. also, we are finishing up on save-the-dates and confirming wedding plans. i can't wait to show you. hope you love them. have a great week! xo

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