Monday, July 15

moving - again

thanks for your patience, guys.
we have been so busy, as you know.
and today, i can finally tell you that we are moving - again.
but not a cross-country, temporary hop to some far away land. 
today we close on our very own home. we are planting roots, settling down, really doing this thing.
we are moving back to our hometown of oakland, nebraska. it is where i grew up, it's where C grew up. it's a charming little nook in northeast nebraska. 
and in really big news, we are opening a rehabilitation clinic there. like, we are in charge. we take the risk. we endure the challenges. we celebrate the success. by ourselves. it is a huge step and so scary, but also exhilarating and exciting at the same time. we close on a building in the near future, so expect updates soon.
in the meantime, we are deep in painting [outside, inside, nooks, crannies], renovating, and simply loving this next chapter. 
i am really hoping this piece of the internet blows up with before, progress, and afters [already have a pretty dramatic one lined up for you!], design decisions, homeowner woes and woos!, and just general growing up stuff. 
but first, i gotta give you a recap on a fabulous florida getaway. 
and thanks for your love this summer, guys. it's been a crazy one. crazy good.

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