Tuesday, July 16

fabulous florida

my family has always taken summer vacations. my parents are advocates of getting away, somewhere special, to relax and rejuvenate. we treasure those moments and memories and feel so lucky to be able to do it every year.
this summer, we had a perfect destination in mind - southern florida. my sister wraps up her time there in august, so we made it a priority to visit. 
the getaway could not have come at a better time for me - between wedding plans, home loans, business proposals, painting, and renovations, i was due for a week with four of my favorite people. 
 tori knew all the right stops and most beautiful beaches. i'm not quite sure how this midwestern girl is ever going to say farewell to the sun and the sand.
 day one of sand castle construction. things get intense at about day three. stay tuned.
 i could so get used to this life. give me the sun and the surf and i am in a happy place.
love these kids to pieces. and my little family.
*more florida updates comin atcha in the next few days. i realize not everyone wants to see family vacation photos, but i sometimes utilize this space for an online scrapbook of sorts. i would hate for these images to just sit in an iPhoto library until the end of time. mmmmkay? xo

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