Tuesday, August 6

on buying a house

as first time home buyers, we were taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions. 
joy  heartbreak  anger  frustration  happiness  confusion  frustration  joy
i am sure many of you had the same experiences, but i wanted to jot down a few pointers for the rookies out there. 
1 | keep your eye on the prize
there are so many times throughout the process that you will want to give up. our search started a year ago in lincoln. we hit some major snags there, which turned out to be the biggest blessing of the past year. let fate guide you and appreciate the setbacks. 

2 | fall in love, not lust
even before moving to nebraska, i fell in lust with about fifteen houses in lincoln. and every time they would disappear from zillow, i would cry. like real, ugly tears [and C still proposed to me! ha!]. then we started to look in oakland and fell hard. like dream house, forever house, a midcentury swooner in need of updates. but after a very dramatic friday lunch hour in april, we lost it. and i cried. again. i was frustrated and annoyed and angry and confused, doubting our path to oakland. but then we gave 109 a chance. and it was perfect. it turns out we couldn't afford the midcentury swooner right now and 109 would provide a comfortable, charming start to life. it happened as it should. a divine intervention of sorts. a universal guide to where we need to be. 

3 | hire a fabulous agent
we were lucky to have C's sister on our side throughout this roller coaster process. i can't say enough about the asset of a good agent. she answered our endless questions at every moment of the day and clarified confusing terms and procedures. when things didn't go well, she kept the eye on the prize and pursued our plans. we are so thankful, nikki! 

4 | continually save money
just do it. it is essential.

5 | celebrate and appreciate
buying a house is a huge deal. at least it was for us. every rung of the ladder is a reason to celebrate. and when the deed is done, do it up big. thank all the people who helped you make it a reality, and relish in the bliss of finally being a homeowner.

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