Thursday, October 10

let there be light

i fell in love with this house after our first showing. but i fell in lust with these windows on our realtor's website many weeks prior. these windows and this room are what convinced us to take a longer peek at 109. we imagined snow coming down outside with soup on the stove, wrapped in blankets, and the fireplace roaring. we thought about watching jane or our human kids play outside from these windows. we dreamed of hosting barbecues on the patio just beyond these windows. we loved those big beauties.
but, we knew they had to go. the panes were fogging [indicating issues with moisture] and the wonderful midcentury lines cut the view. 
lust at first sight. [love is blind?]
 so we called the local glass guys and got to work installing three bay windows with sliding glass on the bottom for air flow. lindy glass was so wonderful to work with. we were beyond impressed with their professionalism, quick work and attention to detail. thanks lindy!
 we love the light they bring into the space, while allowing for an uninterrupted view. furthermore, we are so happy with the option to open the windows and allow for air movement throughout the house. we are hoping that as the seasons change, we will see a happy movement in our electric and heating bills as the windows provide more efficiency. 
janey happens to love them too!

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  1. The changes to your home are awe-inspiring. Truly.