Wednesday, October 9

open shelves

you guys know i'm a sucker for open shelves. so when i saw this big open wall in the kitchen on viewing day, just screaming to be utilized for pretty storage, i started looking for the perfect shelving option.
the first place i searched was ikea. the shelves were affordable and big enough to span the nine feet of open wall space. these six foot floating beauties were on our doorstep about two weeks after discovery. [god bless ikea for having some online shopping options.]
we added three cheap, target cabinets below the shelves for added storage. we will likely change out the handles to match the existing cabinets, but it works for now.
 i rearranged it about a hundred times before landing on this arraignment. i have no doubt that it will continue to evolve with changing seasons and storage requirements, but for now it's a nice focal point for practical and pretty things.
long live the open shelf!

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