Monday, November 4

life lately moving at a million miles per minute. how can it already be november? october passed in a blink of the eye. and yet, it was filled with so much. house updates. wedding showers. our first patients at the clinic. unfortunately, all i have remaining are iPhone snapshots. here's what happened in our world last month. 
 we have really enjoyed this crisp fall weather. just yesterday, chris proclaimed that there must be no better season than this one. i still place my vote with summer, but pumpkins and football are pretty good too.
 my job is great sometimes. i got to go on a fieldtrip to vala's pumpkin patch early in the month. this photo represents my lack of patience. it's an evil little character trait - when it comes to marshmallows and life.
 fall brought a whole new set of chores on the to do list. home ownership has given us several opportunities for raking and yard work in october. it's still new and fun - we love every minute of it!
 we voyaged north to minneapolis for the nebraska vs. minnesota game. our first stop in sioux city was a real good one.
 the main purpose of our trip [especially since the huskers managed to get a L], was ikea. as always, it was a workout for the body, brain and pocketbook. whoa!
 the goods. this photo represents the many images waiting to be captured for house and clinic updates. we are getting closer, peeps!
 i have loved watching my brother play football in october. especially on his birthday. happy 19th, boose!
 halloween was especially fun this year. we got to hand out candy at our house and the clinic. we dressed up as superheroes and had the best time. so glad my love not only plays along with my requests, but practices his batman voice all month to truly get into character!
 wonder woman had a long day. apparently saving the world is a tough job. 
 batman and cat woman took over for wonder woman on the late-night-save-the-world shift.
 oh and we bought a couch. but it doesn't arrive until november 27. bummer.
in the meantime, we will be pushing forward with the house and clinic. and finalizing wedding details. life is crazy. life is weird. life is so good.

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