Saturday, December 14


as you can imagine, my head is spinning. "hasn't it been spinning since may, a?" yep. sure has. it's crunch time. we get married in a week and two days. we throw the biggest party of our lives in two and a half weeks. the clinic is really, really close to opening day. work is busy. it's the holiday season. it's madness around here. but, i happen to love this place of the internet. for my own journaling [more on that later], escape and release. i miss it. 
so, i'm avoiding wedding projects and getting some photos off my camera and into the world wide web. love you guys. enjoy.
we are in desperate need of storage. the kitchen is functional for every day, but i need a spot for all my entertaining goods. we have the perfect spot for a credenza in the dining room, but it turns out credenzas are expensive. not something we can justify right now. 
then i found this at the local thrift shop for $65. beautiful, right? there's always a vision. trust the vision.
it's like really long and has nine drawers. that equals a lot of stuff i can store away. $65? sold.
i removed the doors and sanded it.
i spent about thirty minutes contemplating the middle drawers. i love the look of them, but thought it would nice to have shelving for our goods pretty enough to be displayed. i ended up removing them and stashing them in the basement in case i change my mind.
a couple coats of gray paint later, we ended up with this. it fit like a glove and is ready to store all of our generous wedding gifts and fun entertaining finds.
chris is pumped because his record player gets a home and his records get to live on the shelves for the holiday season. 
we, obviously, still need to get handles for the drawers, but the holes are an awkward size and will require some reworking. it's fine for now [mantra for this house].
imagine some art hanging above and paint touch-ups completed.
we can't wait to host dinner parties here with our new credenza playing the leading role in functionality. three cheers for cheap solutions!
[oh yeah. haven't talked to you since our trip to ikea. new rug and light fixture dressing up the dining room thanks to those nice swedish folks. god love em.]

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