Saturday, January 4

a new year

photo by dana damewood
we tied the knot.
we celebrated. 
we slept. a lot.
i told C that i feel like a teenager navigating the world of 10:00 am wake-up calls and three hour naps. for the first time in over a year [crazy professor gig + engagement + new house + new business], i don't feel guilty for sleeping. it's a weird and wonderful thing.
i can't wait to chronicle the mexico trip, our wedding, and the big party. but first, i have to pay tribute to the new year.
another 365 days have passed. it's been a whirlwind. the busiest, but the best. the hardest, but the happiest.
in the next 365 i want to relax. focus on relationships. simplify. and that's it. no measurable expectations. no lofty lose weight, spend less, travel more goals. in 2013, i got everything i wanted - a house, a husband, a future. in 2014, i hope to get what i need - peace. 
may your year bring you everything you want and need. but most importantly, may you find joy and love and all the wonder of the world. live it well, loves. happy 2014. xo

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