Sunday, January 5

mexico - part one

y'all are gonna get real sick of mexico photos. i have about three hundred of them. plus 4500 wedding images. just go ahead and not check this blog for a couple of weeks. except for our families. you might want to escape to paradise and relive these memories. gosh, it was perfect, wasn't it? absolutely perfect.
it's hard to categorize hundreds of images, so i'm releasing them by the day. here's the first.
 flying first class. it's quite magical up there. the space, the service, the mimosas. we concluded that it's kind of the only way to travel. 
 first sign of water. my heart sings!
we arrived. found our families. spent some time on the beach. and got some [onion?] tequila. turns out this would be the routine for the whole week.
gosh these photos seriously make me tear up. the week was so good.
 our resort was something special. it had the typical beach - swim up bar - pool thing going on. but it also had the jungle. and 200 year old cenotes. and a focus on going green. pretty magical, huh?
 the first morning these three went snorkeling in the cenote. i had to stay out to snap photos and preserve my spray tan. the sacrifices.
 we convinced another part of our crew it was pretty cool too!
 goggles are funny.
 main squeeze.
la vida.

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