Thursday, February 13

celebrate - the details

as i have mentioned before, we wanted to celebrate this great year and new beginning with our family and friends. we knew that a december 31st party was just the way to do that. we were humbled and grateful for the amount of people that came to be with us. simply blown away, actually. we are so lucky to have you all in our lives. 
the party took place at anderson o'brien fine art gallery in the old market. when i saw this place, i knew it was where i wanted our celebration to be. the raw beauty and simple, contemporary feel was perfect for the look i was going for. it was convenient to the magnolia hotel where our hotel block was. christina and bryce were wonderful to work with. the art was breathtaking. it was perfect.
we really wanted to let the space and art speak, so we kept decor to a minimum [which turned out to be really nice for budget and time requirements]. i added a bit of NYE sparkle, but truly, the gallery stood on its own - beautiful, modern, fun. 
what's a new year's eve party without noisemakers, glow sticks and party hats? easily displayed in wire baskets and glass containers. i whipped up these labels [make noise in 2014! sparkle in 2014! look your best in 2014!] the week before we left.
you know i love some signage. 
amy from glass confetti created these banners. 
thanks, amy! they were perfect!
in lieu of guest book [to avoid it feeling too much like a wedding reception], we created this resolution board. i printed thoughts for 2014 for our guests and then asked them to make a wish for us with their names. we got some very beautiful, sentimental notes and some pretty hilarious [alcohol influenced] ones by the end of the night.
sue and erin of sue's flower shoppe in oakland created the most beautiful bouquets to bring life and elegance to the space. thank you sue and erin! we love how they turned out!
table and linens from united rental [also fabulous to work with!].
isn't this a fun idea? champagne glass with a NYE noisemaker and tulip! that's erin and sue, again!
calm before the storm
drink stirrers with washi tape flags
as you can see, there wasn't a whole lot of DIY or prep that went into this. we hired great vendors and they did an outstanding job making our vision come to life. all the wedding blogs say it, but i'll reiterate it here: hiring good vendors is the key to success! couldn't have done it without them!
photos by dana damewood.

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