Monday, February 24

the paper

i lied. one more wedding post. sincere apologies. 
today it's all about the paper. a guilty pleasure.
we had two events which required two invitations. sure the twenty people in our immediate family knew all the details and didn't really require some snail mail, but i just couldn't help myself.
 these babies came from minted and were sent to our families.
i'm a huge fan of minted paper quality and decent prices. plus, aren't these so mexico? had to.

i have been dreaming of sending wedding invitations for most of my adult life. those dreams always included letterpress. when we kept our guest list small and i found aerialist press [three cheers for good vendors!], i knew that thick, beautiful paper could become a reality. 
 even their thickest paper was in our budget. holla!
 this design was in their wedding collection and just happened to be the exact look i was hoping for. no need for customizing! it was clean, modern and simple. 
 to cut down on cost even more, i made the accommodations card, RSVP card, map [not pictured because i deleted the file before taking photos for this post. bummer.], and calendar magnet inspired by what aerialist had in their invitation suite. i simply downloaded the same font and wove it through the save the dates, invitations, and celebration day signage. 
the suite was wrapped in gold string and sent to our guests.
reason number 840309485 i want to host one of these parties every year: an excuse to send invitations. 
long live letterpress! 

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