Wednesday, February 19

new year's eve

last wedding/NYE post! congratulations! you survived all these photos and reading the word "perfect" and "love" five hundred times in two weeks. 
this is just a wrap up of the celebration. again, we feel so grateful for how everything came together. from the trip to mexico to our ceremony to the dinner on the beach to sharing this huge moment in our lives with our family and friends, we feel beyond lucky. life is good, folks. life is really good.
dana strikes again! i asked if she could shoot a few winter/city photos before the celebration. she happily agreed. i grabbed my fur coat and we headed downtown just in time for the NYE fireworks. 
fireworks over downtown. happy 2014!
moments with our guests
love these photos of dale and jagger!
taking wishes and making wishes.
oh these three. love them!
we adore the futhey's! meant the world to have you there! xo
our favorite people in one room
there's those three again!
i mean, what better way to start a new year than with your family and friends? we selfishly want to host one of these parties every december 31 just so that we can be with everyone we love as we close one year and welcome another. it was the best night. 
and that's a wrap, loves! thanks for letting me chronicle this important time in our lives here. i know we will look back on these images and stories with joy in hearts. on the good days and the hard days, i hope these photos help to reap the seeds of magic, hope and love that were planted that day.
photos by dana damewood.

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